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Allison: Summer Snippet

The blog has been slow this summer, but the bloggers’ lives have not been slow and uneventful(at least not mine)! It’s been over two months since I blogged, and I can’t possibly fill you in on what God did this summer all at once, but I’ve got some highlights to share and I really want to blog! 🙂


This is me with my coworker, Ada, at English Club! Every Tuesday we held an English speaking club near the boardwalk as an outreach. Each summer there are tons of college age international students working in VA Beach to experience American culture. A lot of them are eager to improve their English and it’s such a simple thing to make this available to them. All they ask is that we talk to them in our native language! We occasionally played games and brought food to snack on, but mainly everyone just wanted to hang out and make friends. The weeks that I went, I met people from Turkey, Russia, China, Moldova, and also the Middle East(can’t remember the specific country). This is a great form of outreach for so many reasons. The most important reason is that those who kept coming back to English Club formed friendships with us. They would hang out and play cards with some of us at our motel and come to our events, weekly cru meetings(ours was called Pac. Ave) and parties. It was very cool to see that take place and Gospel conversations came up so much. Praise The Lord! 2 awesome and loving Chinese girls I befriended, Angela and Jane, are now reading the bible! Angela said one of the reasons she is investigating Christianity(she was raised Buddhist) is because she saw how confidently, joyfully, and passionately the friends she made on project proclaimed the gospel and our deep belief and desire for Jesus. Seriously, isn’t that great?! I know sometimes when I go out sharing the gospel, I’m just doing it out of obedience and obligation, and I feel like I’m “putting in my time” and then I can check out of sharing as soon as possible. But what if we were always genuine and joyful presenters of the gospel, instead of just business-minded pedalers?- It would eternally impact God’s Kingdom, that’s what!

I’ve been back from project for exactly 2 weeks, and boy, am I missing it. But I am severely pumped to “plant some seeds” on Kent Stark and Kent Main’s campuses next week!


Allison: It’s Среда (Sreda)!

I’m not sure if you all know what exactly I’m doing on my SP, so I’ll give ya the 4-1-1 of my weekdays! During the day, 5 days a week, I am a hostess at a beach front hotel’s restaurant. Shout out to Sarah!…she worked at the same place last summer, but with a different job. I seat people, close checks, answer the phone, and do To-go orders. (still learning…yikes! I haven’t mastered any of those job tasks yet! Prayer would be awesome. Having a job always stresses me out). Also when we’re slow, I get to talk to the other hostess I work alongside! The hotel holds job spots for Cru people in the summer(words cannot describe how thankful I am for that), so there are about 10 of us on project who work together in the restaurant. A lot of the others hired for the summer are from Eastern Europe-Ukraine, Lithuania(woot woot bonded with those girls because my grandfather was Lithuanian), Russia, and Kosovo. Today, I bonded with the Ukrainian hostess, and I made her teach me the days of the week in Russian when we weren’t busy. She’s a sweet and peppy girl whose got a tattoo that reads in Latin “Love Conquers All”. She also told me about how her boyfriend from back home couldn’t come to America with her because he can’t speak English, but that she believes in destiny and that all circumstances happen for a reason. She also said it was destiny that brought us to work together. I can’t wait to get to know her better!

Off to prayer and praise night (different topic for a different post 🙂

Allison: The First Week

Wow. I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog post, but just, WOW.

Caution: semi-ranty blog

The ride there I think is worth mentioning because road trips are always both fun and exhausting. 6:30 AM Saturday I got in a car with 2 strange men I had never met before. (Haha It wasn’t too scary because they’re smiley twin brothers both majoring in accounting.) And then, an hour later, we picked up another “strange” girl in PA. Her name’s Nikki, and she’s one of those girls who makes you feel like you’re best friends within seconds of meeting one another. And if you did your math right, that’s 4 people with 10 wks worth of luggage in a sudan 🙂 The projected time it takes to get there with stops is around 11 hours…and it took us about 14. The guys’ poor 1990 Toyota Camry, which we named Ruby(Rubes, Ruberz, etc.), could only go about 35 mph for a whole hour up the hills/mountains of West Virginia. We also gave Rubes another nickname: the Little Engine That Could:-) And then, once we got into VA, we hit rush hour haha. Rubes cranked the tunes, though, and I found myself singing along with the peeps in the car who were just strangers hours before. We arrived at the Cerca Del Mar(the motel we’re staying at this summer) at 7:30PM and we were so ready to get there by this point!

I’ve been in VA Beach for a little over 3 days now and I’m happy to say that a lot of good things are going on!

My roomies: I have 4 roomies and one on the way (sounds like I’m a mother talking about my children here haha). Living in tight quarters with a bunch of girls didn’t sound enticing to me at first, but I think I’m going to like it. This past semester I didn’t have a roommate, and though it was nice being able to come and go as I pleased, it was kinda lonely! This is a nice change of pace to always have someone on hand to talk to. It’s also running smoother than I thought it would housekeeping/cooking/shower schedule/living with different personalities-wise and God is definitely the culprit behind that! There’s a pattern I’m seeing here in VA Beach and it’s that my anxieties are being smooshed!

I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, but I figured I’d give you a taste of my experience thus far. I will blog again soon since I really wanna talk about what I’ve learned!

p.s. I got a job today!(Another example of my anxieties leaving the building) Thanks for the prayers and I’ll talk more about it next time!

Allison: Virginia Beach

I decided to apply for summer project back in January. Initially, my plans for summer 2011 only involved going to school and finding a job. I figured going on project would have to wait till summer 2012. Then…I truly thought about it and realized it was totally feasible for me to go THIS summer. VA Beach starts a little later than some of the other projects (June 4) so right now I am taking a summer intersession class that ends the day before I leave for VA. AND we are supposed to have jobs on this project. Lord willing, I am getting a job at either a hotel or country club in VA Beach (please pray I get a job! I’m sending my apps in this week). PTL

Wondering about support raising? If anybody knows me, they know I put off doing pretty much everything until the last minute (especially the things that I worry about)! This time has been no different. I got accepted to go in the very beginning of March, and didn’t send out any letters until the beginning of May (and I still have many more to send). And boy let me tell you, once I finally took that tiny step of faith and stuck those letters in the mail, weight was lifted off my shoulders! It’s one of those MANY times in life where you have to let go of those doubts you’ve held onto for so long and let God do what He’s promised. In just a few short weeks, I have been blessed with some generous donations. It’s so awesome and encouraging to know that I have family and friends supporting me financially this summer, and that they’re praying for me! Warm fuzzies all around.

18 days till I leave!