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Allison: Summer Snippet

The blog has been slow this summer, but the bloggers’ lives have not been slow and uneventful(at least not mine)! It’s been over two months since I blogged, and I can’t possibly fill you in on what God did this summer all at once, but I’ve got some highlights to share and I really want to blog! 🙂


This is me with my coworker, Ada, at English Club! Every Tuesday we held an English speaking club near the boardwalk as an outreach. Each summer there are tons of college age international students working in VA Beach to experience American culture. A lot of them are eager to improve their English and it’s such a simple thing to make this available to them. All they ask is that we talk to them in our native language! We occasionally played games and brought food to snack on, but mainly everyone just wanted to hang out and make friends. The weeks that I went, I met people from Turkey, Russia, China, Moldova, and also the Middle East(can’t remember the specific country). This is a great form of outreach for so many reasons. The most important reason is that those who kept coming back to English Club formed friendships with us. They would hang out and play cards with some of us at our motel and come to our events, weekly cru meetings(ours was called Pac. Ave) and parties. It was very cool to see that take place and Gospel conversations came up so much. Praise The Lord! 2 awesome and loving Chinese girls I befriended, Angela and Jane, are now reading the bible! Angela said one of the reasons she is investigating Christianity(she was raised Buddhist) is because she saw how confidently, joyfully, and passionately the friends she made on project proclaimed the gospel and our deep belief and desire for Jesus. Seriously, isn’t that great?! I know sometimes when I go out sharing the gospel, I’m just doing it out of obedience and obligation, and I feel like I’m “putting in my time” and then I can check out of sharing as soon as possible. But what if we were always genuine and joyful presenters of the gospel, instead of just business-minded pedalers?- It would eternally impact God’s Kingdom, that’s what!

I’ve been back from project for exactly 2 weeks, and boy, am I missing it. But I am severely pumped to “plant some seeds” on Kent Stark and Kent Main’s campuses next week!


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